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Using Motorola S9-HD with Windows 7

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Motorola S9-HD Specification ...


Motorola S9-HD is a high definition Bluetooth headset that connects to a wide range of devices including mobile handsets and laptop computers. I bought it for my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Edition phone. I decoded to use it with my Lenovo T400 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate. Initially there were problems making it work with my laptop and here is a small write-up on how I made it work. Hope it will be helpful to you as well.


  1. Check your Bluetooth stack provider.

      I checked Lenovo site and found “Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II for Windows 7”. It had instructions to verify if you need an update or not. I updated my stack provider.

  2. Set Bluetooth to discover on Windows 7
  3. Switch on your Bluetooth device to be discovered
    • image
  4. You may be asked to update driver, let it if asked for
  5. When you pair your device, you may be asked to type in a pass key, use “0000”
    • image
  6. Right click on Volume icon in the system tray and select Playback devices, you will see a Bluetooth hands-free speaker there. Make it default.
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  7. Your S9-HD is ready to work with Windows 7 now! Enjoy your music and Calls…

I am a curious mind, always building and experimenting, trying things to decode their inner design. Kind of a small scale inventor ;-) I like to help people realise their passion.


  • Caleb

    Hi, I am using my lenovo ideapad Z580 with Windows 7 and I have done about everything you have listed here. However my headset seems to be missing an equalizer or something or the drivers are just not matched perfectly to the Motorola HD-S9 Bluetooth Headset. It is coming in fuzzy and with poor sound quality.
    I have tried checking to make sure all my drivers are good and up-to-date, I have tried to check if my equalizer is set for the audio output from sound, but there is no equalizer for that output. It works perfectly from my cell, just not from my computer and that would really be what I would like to listen to music from.
    Thank you in advance for anyone’s help.

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