Where To Bet My Career

When I was in college, I remember, I used to be in great dilemma about what should I learn and where to put my time and energy. So many subjects, so many tangents and the great question – What to do to get a Job? The best I could do was not to say NO to any subject. I would learn a new language, program and apply the subjects I learned.
I would ask around, try and find what would be in market in next five years and then spend time evaluating options. It was in graduation that I started picking up Visual Basic, it interest me a lot and soon I was all into it. I was learning fast, applying fast. Would do things that were once considered out of scope for a language like VB.
And then the .COM bubble burst. Followed by much hype around Microsoft introducing .NET. I was already a long way into VB and then people started talking that VB6 will be scrapped and there will only be .NET. It was a heart breaker. I have to re-think what I should master now. Thus, I lay my hands on C and Unix. That picked too. I was writing and compiling kernel modules and doing good.
Soon, got an offer to work with a Company. Live Project! I joined and they introduced me to Groupware. It was so different from what I have done all these years. Almost an year passed-by in confusion as to what I want to do with my career. I had not touched PHP before, and here in this company I was writing PHP code.
I realized, there is much more in market than what I had my hands on in college. College gave an holistic picture of technology, but it was up-to me to find my interest and go exploring, diving deep. Thus, my question was justified – What will be in market in next five years.
Here’s my compilation on “Where to Bet My Career” for students who seek to find this answer.

Where To Bet My Career: http://youtu.be/8fmtcNbDMB8

PS: In this compilation, I have highlighted various Domains, and Technology that would help correlate with.

I am a curious mind, always building and experimenting, trying things to decode their inner design. Kind of a small scale inventor ;-) I like to help people realise their passion.

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